Owner Builder ( DIY ) Pool Construction Assistance

What We Offer

If you are planning on doing your pool project on your own we are able to assist you with your pool and or landscape plans, subcontractor referrals, pool equipment selections and purchase.

We only want to see you take this on if you feel highly confident that you are ready to accomplish the project on your own. We offer all the assistance listed below but when you go this route you will be building your own pool.

You will absolutely save money but possibly not as much as many are led to believe. You will not save 50%. That is because pool contractors do not make 50%. Most pool builders mark up the pool construction cost and with overhead added in to about 35 - 40% Very low priced pool companies are still making good markup as well, just using very low cost construction techniques and low cost or very little pool equipment. A very low cost pool will always be a very small pool. You really do get what you pay for, especially in a pool.

So you will save several thousand dollars. Be aware mistakes and unplanned events can be expensive in any type of construction. But if well planned and executed, your project can go very well and you will save money. Don't plan on working your subcontractors hard for discounts. You may force them to take shortcuts to offset their losses. You have to be willing to pay for your pool. They cost money to build, especially to build right. When I was in the position of selling pools for other companies when I first arrived here in the area I sometimes had customers that expected to get a pool for less than the cost of a used F-150. Your pool will cost a little money to build even when you do it yourself.

If you are planning to build a fairly small pool, under roughly 350 sq ft you may want to consider a Pre Cast Drop In Shell. The Drop In Shell will eliminate your need to deal with certain subcontractors. We can help you with a normal Shotcrete Pool as well.


We can supply you with the sets of plans you will need in order to secure permits from the city or county, to construct to pool, to hand off to the different subcontractors.

Your permit plan that you will submit for your building permit will need certain critical information on it such as property line and building setbacks, utility locations etc. Even with that they will sometimes require additional information or clarification. We are able to assist you with all of that. We normally do not charge extra for plan revisions generated by the municipalities additional requirements. In some cases they will want structural engineering in addition to the normal pool engineering for certain items. That would have to come from the structural engineer. That is yet another issue we do not have to deal with on the Simply Natural Pools because we do not build complex structural items on our jobs.


You will be required to submit structural engineering plans with your pool plans when you apply for permits. These are the structural plans that you pool is required to be built according to. We can order you a set of these plans to match the type of pool and features you will be constructing.


The structural engineering you will end up with is determined by the actual soil conditions that your property consists of. Primarily whether or not you are in expansive soil and to what degree that expansiveness is. We will obtain an accurate soil report for your actual address.




We will supply you with a list of contractors to pick from and get bids on the various phases of construction for your project. We will not be endorsing any particular contractor as a matter of liability. It will be the same list we work from but things can go wrong on any job and we will not be held liable because we endorsed a particular contractor. You will not like this but some problems are even homeowner induced. There have been situations for example where a well intentioned homeowner approached the subcontractor or his workers to dictate a change and the change was incorporated only to find out later that the change came with a significant price change. Then a battle ensued on who should have to pay for the change. The workers are not always aware of job costs so they were in no position to make the homeowner aware. Since the pricing on the item was never previously discussed because that particular work was never discussed, the homeowner can feel like they are being screwed and the saga goes on. That is one of a multitude of situations. this kind of thing can go on between two parties that otherwise would have never had a problem. So we Do Not endorse anyone. It is fairly common among the trades these days because of situations just like this to never endorse anyone. You have to check your own referrals and watch your own job closely and be sure everything is done according to plans and specifications and in a "perfect world" all will go well.


We will educate you on the various pool equipment options you will have to choose from. Even if you have had a pool before a lot of the technology is "finally" changing for the better. There has never been a better time to have a pool as far as energy efficiency of pumps and equipment and pool maintenance convenience. You still have some work to do just like having a lawn or even a car. But it is better than ever now.

We can order your equipment for you and it will be delivered direct to the job when you get ready for your plumbing to take place.



As mentioned above; if you are planning to build a fairly small pool, under roughly 350 sq ft you may want to consider a Pre Cast Drop In Shell. The Drop In Shell will eliminate your need to deal with certain subcontractors. If you are doing a "spa only" it is the only way you will want to do it. To do a stand alone spa with gunite of shotcrete is extremely expensive with all the subcontractor minimums you will pay. You could almost have a small pool for the same money and that does not include the heater, gas line etc.



We can answer all of your questions about pool construction and give you the information you need to make the decisions you are going to have to make.